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Baseball Lessons

Hitting lessons are an important part of the game. Learning how to swing can make a huge difference in a players experience and opportunities.

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Softball Lessons

Learning from experienced coaches and trainers can be a game changer. Make the competition jealous by putting in hard work and dedication.

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About Nate

Nate Hall is a product of hard work and dedication. His teams have some of the most disciplined players in youth baseball. Learn about Nate on his bio page.

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It's outta here!

Take your game to the next level with hitting lessons from Nate Hall. Nate can spot flaws in a swing that can help make drastic improvements to a players mechanics and it builds the players confidence.

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Softball on a field

Nothing soft about it

Starting softball training early gives players a huge advantage over the competition. Build the mechanics and muscle memory off the field so you show your stuff while on the field.

Nate Hall
Proven Results

Before starting Nate Hall Training, Nate played professional baseball in Southern Illinois. Returning to his roots in East Tennessee, Nate seized the opportunity to teach youth players how to play the game like a pro. His teams are well respected and are generally some of the most disciplined you will see at a ballpark any given weekend.

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